Do you want to gokarting?

Exercise with like-minded people where you both learn and have fun? Race Club – Power Racing Race Club is the answer! Gokart for children and adults!

Our own gokart club is called “Race Club”. It’s a club because we have regular training days, and you always get better time and time again. That said, there is no binding or subscription – you show up when you can and feel like it! Race Club is for all levels and we take care of the individual.

Race Club runs every tuesday in two teams. First team runs from kl. 17: 00-18: 30 and the next team from kl. 18: 30-20: 00, where you get 30 minutes of efficient driving under the expert supervision of our skilled instructors, who provide instruction and feedback along the way. This is for you who want to be a better gokart driver.

In odd weeks it is too easy-practiced, while in even weeks it is for the more experienced. As a starting point, you always start with lightly-trained, after which you have the opportunity to move on with the more experienced team. This is done in collaboration with the instructors at Race Club. To drive with the experienced, it requires that you are partly fast, but also that you can drive sensibly with others. If in doubt, consult an instructor about the options.

That way, everyone gets the most out of it. If you are in doubt, please contact us!

You must have gone karting at Power Racing Gokart Academy before you can start for Race Club.  You must have driven at Power Racing at least three times or you must have driven under 34 seconds 34 seconds in one lap within a year. Otherwise, one may risk being rejected on the day. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

NOTE: You must meet at Power Racing, so you are ready to drive at. 17.00 or 18.30, as we start exactly. If you arrive late, we can not guarantee space or that you can run all heats.

Registration for Race Club



training evening (excl. license)



training evening (excl. license)

Professional Instructor

Permanent instructor at Race Club is Le Mans driver Christoffer Nygaard. The 34-year-old racing driver himself began his racing career in the sport of go-karting, and he looks forward to giving both customers and young talents good advice and useful tips no matter what level of ambition they have under the accelerator. If you want to know more about Christoffer or follow his career, you can do so via his fan page Christoffer Nygaard on Facebook.

All drivers are welcome. Only requirements, before you sign up for Race Club,  is, that you have driven three times at Power Racing Gokart Academy, or that you have driven under 34 seconds in one lap; that way you get the most out of it.

Payment is per. training evening. You therefore only sign up the times you have the opportunity to participate. 

Pictures from Race Club


At each workout, different exercises are done, which means that you will eventually become a faster gokart driver.

Always room for improvement

Whether you have been go-karting a few times, or if you have been doing it for several years, then we are sure we can give you some tips to improve your time or driving technique.

Lots of challenge

At Race Club, we drive both clockwise and counterclockwise, so there is plenty of opportunity to be challenged at different kinds of turns.

Club Championship

Once a year we hold a Club Championship, where different departments are run, each with its own challenge. In addition to standing at the top of the podium, there are also cool prizes.