Gokart packages

Below you can find all our specially sewn gokart packages that suit any context. We have both fixed packages and seasonal packages.

Business Packages

Below you can find all our specially sewn gokart packages for companies. We have put together the packages so that employees get the best experience with lots of speed and adrenaline. If you can not find a package solution that suits your event, you are also very welcome to contact us by email or phone to hear more about the options.

All our packages

Children's birthday

Our gokarts are electric; this means that we have full control over the speed of the gokart via a remote control. This provides extra safety, as we can stop some or all karts on the course before an accident occurs. At the same time, all our instructors are used to working with children and beginners, so your child gets off to a good start on a hopefully long love story with motorsport.

Children (and adults) do not risk burning themselves on hot parts or getting their fingers pinched, as all our karts are wrapped nicely in fiberglass and otherwise never get hotter than hand warmth. In addition, the air is clean and the noise is low due to the electric gokarts.

Last but not least, we have the ability to send your child on the track at a slower speed while the rest of the company runs at normal speed. When our instructors assess that the child is ready for more speed, we can continuously increase the speed.


All of these things help ensure that Power Racing is the safest solution for your kids.

Our professional instructors can help children of all ages improve their skills on the field. Among other things, several have completed DASU’s map coaching course.


pr. person by min. 8


Who will have the right to taunt for the next long time? You will find out behind the wheel of our delicious track. May the best man win!

It smells a bit of a Formula 1 weekend when you have to go through training, qualification and a real heat spread over 40 minutes of driving time. Training and qualification take place on time, while the completed heat is decided on positions. So this is not where you should be overtaken.

During the race we provide a spring water / soda, medals for the top 3, and when the duel on the asphalt is over you can sit back in our delicious lounge with a solid men’s menu and a beer. All included in the price of 729, -, if you are at least ten people.

And if you are really thirsty, you can buy a free bar for beer, wine and soda for three hours for 350, –


pr. person by min. 10

Blue monday

Are you or your classmates looking for an adrenaline-filled Blue Monday? Come to Power Racing and have a great experience!

You get a 2 x 10 minute gokart with a race on the track. In between your heats, our instructors will give you tips and tricks so you can improve your lap time.
When you have driven the last lap, a soda awaits you, which you can enjoy, just as we offer you snacks along the way.

So who should have the right to taunt among classmates? You will find out at Power Racing! May the best win!

(The offer is valid every Monday in April and May – also offered in august/september, to confirmands who have had their confirmation moved)

We recommend booking well in advance, as there is a great demand for gokart driving on the schools’ blue Monday.

We point out that the participants must be a minimum of 10 years and a minimum of 130 cm. high to ride in our gokarts.


pr. person

bachelor party


Start the bachelor party with us!

At Power Racing Gokart Academy we can offer lots of race, good mood and healthy competition. The run consists of both a training heat, a qualification and a final heat, after which the group’s fastest run is celebrated. After the drive you will be able to enjoy a well-deserved beer or soda.

If you have to continue towards the city afterwards, the bus and train are within 10 minutes walk.

NOTE. The minimum number to be able to achieve this price is 7 people. Contact us for fewer drivers to get an offer.


pr. person by min. 7

Business Packages

After hour gokart

When the office chair is replaced with the racing seat, it’s time to show who’s really the boss. Now you have the opportunity to drive an After hour gokart.

We start with a training and / or qualification, where you get to know the gokart and the course. Training and / or qualification takes place on time. Finally, we line up a heat for you, where it is important not to be overtaken. If you end up here first, you win it all!

During the race, we provide a spring water / soda as well as medals for the top 3, before you are very tired and can drive home carefully.

Remember the offer only applies on Mondays and Wednesdays between 15:00 and 20:00.

All for only 399, – pr. person incl. VAT.


pr. person by min. 6

Team Building

Do you need to be better shaken together in the workplace?

Try our Teambuilding package, where speed and healthy competition are paramount.

Teambuilding is the package where there is plenty of opportunity to both collaborate and compete while having fun. You are divided into small teams, where you are responsible for driving, pit stops and strategy planning.

The package includes 30 minutes drive per. person. After the division of teams, there will be a warm-up and a race where the best cooperating team will be at the top of the podium with the right to taunt and beautiful medals.

Afterwards, a hot buffet will be served in a quiet environment, where you have the opportunity to discuss the day’s race with your colleagues.

It will be possible to rent a meeting room with projects and audio-visual equipment.

Contact us for more information.

NOTE: The minimum number for this package is 15 people!


pr. person by min. 15

Christmas lunch

There is competition in small teams, which must be responsible for driving, pit stops and strategy planning.

After the race, the best cooperating team is hailed at the top of the podium with the right to taunt and beautiful medals.

After this, a delicious Christmas buffet will be served in quiet surroundings, where it i.a. is possible to discuss today’s race with his colleagues.

The package contains:
– El Mans in teams: 30 minutes gokart ride per. persons
– Snacks while driving
– 1 piece of water / soda while driving
– Medals for the top 3
– Christmas buffet
– 1 piece. water / soda / beer after driving

NOTE: For fewer than 15 people, contact us for a quote for your particular event.


pr. person by min. 15