Requirements for driving

The minimum requirement for the driver is an age of 10 years and a height of at least 130 cm.
In addition, the rider may weigh a maximum of 120 kg – this includes clothing, helmet, etc.
There is zero tolerance for consuming alcohol and narcotics before and while driving. If you show up visibly drunk, you will be rejected from the start. It is the person who books the event who is responsible for ensuring that this is complied with. If booked for people who show up drunk, you will still be billed for the full number of people, even if there are some who do not drive.

To drive a gokart at Power Racing Gokart Academy, certain criteria must be met for it to be allowed to drive. These requirements are determined on the basis of many years of experience and safety angles.

1 year
Minimum age
1 cm
Minimum height
1 kg
Maximum weight
100 %
Alcohol before driving